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Trenton Gauthier, AIA

Famous Architect, LLC

I practice architecture as a service and work with only a single major client at a time. This luxury allows the design process to move at the client's pace, allowing time for designs to mature unhurried while also providing flexibility for unmatched delivery speed when needed. As a consultant to other architects, I help to integrate virtual reality, model-based cost estimating, building automation, and computational structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design into their process and so, of course, I make extensive use of these technologies with my own clients. On every project, I endeavor to deliver cost savings equal to or beyond my fee.

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Courtyard Brewery II

Magazine Pizza expansion

Condo on Camp St. (Automation consultation and install)



Margaret Place, Boutique Hotel and Venue (Owner)

Historic Home Renovation, Lewisburg

New Home, Paradise by the Sea (Modelling and rendering)

Zoning Chair, Lower Garden District Association



Stateside ("Bywater Poshtel", Owner's rep and schematic design)

Uptown Home Renovation

The Julian (at StudioWTA)

Zoning Chair, Lower Garden District Association


Small apartment building (Schematic design)

Magazine Pizza renovation

Tulane's Mussafer Hall (at StudioWTA)

Via Latrobe (at StudioWTA)




425 Notre Dame Condo Buildout

Webster Residence (at StudioWTA)

The Pythian (at StudioWTA)



Masters in Architecture with Honors, Tulane University

Thesis; "Market Metabolism", a study of how designer's ego destroyed the best theory of architecture under capitalism.

Minors in Business and Urban Studies

President, Tulane Philosophy Club

AEC internships beginning in 8th grade; Braleo Casas (Seaside's town architect), Greg Jazayeri (Custom and spec homes on 30A), Fernandez and Johnson (Loyola Law Clinic), Sizeler, Thompson, and Brown (Large production oriented firm), and Gibb's Construction (on site, 1201 Canal Condos).

Reality Capture

I use a Matterport Pro 2 to capture interior spaces, producing walk-throughs and fast floor plans for owners as well as colored structured point cloud data for architects, engineers, and the construction industry. I also specialize in scanning construction progress, potentially saving thousands by documenting exact locations of wiring and piping as well as providing the ability to look back in time should there be a problem with the construction. My discounted pricing and rental options reflects my desire to democratize this technology.


Smart Home

Traditional smart home installers and over-promising boutique manufacturers like Savant and Crestron are a bunch of con men. As a design professional, I've more than once been a first hand witness to $100k+ systems that work 20% of the time. You don't want that.


I take a different approach. I primarily use consumer level, mass market tech and focus on cost and user serviceability. If you choose to work with me, you will understand your system, the principals of its operation, how to expand it, when to expect portions of it to become obsolete, and what to do when that happens. We'll work holistically, looking not just at A/V, security, and lighting, but also at mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. We'll focus on return on investment, cheap devices that make big improvements to your life and big items that pay for themselves.


Rendering & VR


I can produce affordable renderings and flythroughs or allow you to step inside your design with room scale virtual reality hosted at my facility or brought to yours. I work with any format and level of development of building plans and can contract with talented overseas modelers to rapidly and affordably convert 2d plans into virtual reality experiences.